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Final Project: Test

I sent my trailer to my uncle, who’s a movie editor, to see what he had to say. He gave me a couple pieces of advice so I’m going to spend my time tomorrow tweaking it to work with his suggestions and continue to get opinions from other people, but other than that it’s pretty much done.

Final Project: Execution

I’ve finished editing and organizing the video, and I used Garageband to make a mashup of sorts, using songs from the Matilda original soundtrack to create one song that works for my “trailer.” Now I’m just putting it all together and making some finishing touches before I send it off to a couple people to look at it and give me feedback.

Final Project: More Research

I’ve been looking at a lot of movie trailers to get ideas for how to arrange my clips. I’ve especially been focusing on horror trailers, because that’s what I’m trying to create.

Final Project: Execution

I’ve managed to cut down the amount of footage to about 6 minutes, which gives me plenty to work with to make the actual trailer. I have a pretty good idea of the relative order I’m going to put the clips in, so now I’m going to start working on that, then figuring out the audio.

Final Project: Execution

Working in iMovie has been really slow going. I’ve been splitting clips and deleting the footage I know that I won’t be using from my project, but it’s taking a ridiculous amount of time. Almost every time I make some sort of change, the rainbow wheel of doom comes out and I have to wait generally 10-15 minutes until I can make another change to the footage. As I delete more and more, though, the wait has gotten a little bit shorter, so I’m hopeful that once I get rid of everything that I don’t want, actually editing it and moving things around will take a lot less long.

Final Project: Design

I’ve decided to use the movie Matilda for my project, and turn it into a horror film. I own the DVD, so I was able to use HandBrake to transfer it to a file on my computer, and then put it into iMovie so that I can edit it into a short trailer.

Final Project: Research

I’ve spent a lot of time poking around the internet looking for ideas and examples of changing the genre of movies. I’ve found a lot of terrible examples that are either really badly edited or use clips that don’t really fit in the genre they’re going for. I have found one great example though, of changing Mary Poppins to a horror film (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T5_0AGdFic). I really liked the way that they used an original song from the movie in it as well, so I’m thinking about trying to use and change only original elements from the film, instead of bringing in a lot of outside sources.

Final Project

I’m not exactly sure where I want to take my project, but I’m pretty sure that I want to work with video. I think it would be interesting to take existing footage and remix it into something new. I was thinking about potentially taking a movie and making a trailer of it, presenting it in a completely different genre from what it originally was (comedy to horror or drama, or vice versa, perhaps).

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